Kuoni Annual Report 2011

“The business with travel
and global mobility is undergoing
massive social change.
In response, Kuoni is fundamentally
redefining itself with a new structure.
Going forward, form and content
must be determined by one and the same
concept: that of structure.¹ ”

Market Report 2011

Find out about Kuoni's global travel and destination management service activities during 2011.

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People Report 2011

Our employees form the human face of the company. They all share the same dedication to broadening horizons.

People Report 2011 (English)
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People Report 2011 (deutsch)
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Brand Report 2011

Kuoni asked 12 lifetime travellers to scrutinize historic photos of a trip to Italy: What do they tell us today? Find out.

Brand Report 2011 (English)
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Brand Report 2011 (deutsch)
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Financial Report 2011

This report contains extended financial information about the Kuoni Group's performance in 2011.

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Future Report 2011

The key findings of Kuoni’s widely read Brand Report 2010 – now positioned in the practical context of our corporate strategy.

Future Report 2011 (English)
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Future Report 2011 (deutsch)
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Human Interface

We invite you to navigate through an innovative map and find photos and individual travel patterns of our staff members.

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