Travel(ling) Continuity

Kuoni is here for the long term.

Committed to continuity.

Over the course of more than a hundred years Kuoni has coped with numerous negative influences and responded early to trends as they have emerged. To master crises and keep moving forward, it is vital to take a flexible approach to changing market situations and requirements, and to invest in areas with potential for the future. Kuoni does this, guided by constant, timeless values such as reliability, passion and authenticity.

2011 was another year characterised by negative external influences. There was political turmoil in Arabic countries, a serious earthquake followed by a tsunami and a nuclear disaster in Japan, floods in parts of Thailand and a debt crisis in Europe. Tourism has always been dependent on external factors that vary from year to year. Whether it’s political turbulence, environmental disaster or economic change, Kuoni keeps to its principles, reacts responsibly to the challenges that come, invests, acts anticyclically when it has to, and always does its best to produce sustainable, profitable results.