Travel(ling) Sophistication

Today Kuoni is more than just a tour operator.

Practising sophistication.

The heading “Travelling Sophistication” can be read in more ways than one. To begin with, it indicates that Kuoni has always lived up to its founding purpose of fulfilling all individual needs associated with travel. Created in 1906 by Alfred Kuoni (1874– 1943), the firm had already acquired multinational roots as early as 1920 with branch offices in France and Italy. Alfred Kuoni was a Swiss visionary who promoted tailor-made services for individual travellers. He espoused the ideal of manufacturing customised travelling portfolios long before anyone could possibly have imagined the Internet’s potential to launch an age characterised by the fundamental capability of personalising products and services.

The heading also gives rise to a second interpretation. Kuoni is constantly on the road, engaged in an undercover research expedition devoted to the changing needs of a world society that now enjoys global mobility. The firm has gone beyond taking single measures and has initiated structural change in response to the requirements of contemporaries whose geographical mobility ranges from personal holidays to job-related changes of place.

The term “sophistication” therefore stands for the following: how changes in the nature of travellers themselves are reflected within the fabric of service operations geared towards future developments. For these travellers are no longer just tourists; their planning for travel is also their planning for life. The present report is devoted to this transition in the structure of Kuoni.

Contrary to public perception, Kuoni has long expanded its capacities beyond being a mere tour operator. With its new structure, Kuoni has now established itself as an integrated provider of global mobility services. In carrying out this role, the technology-based building blocks are just as important as the advisory competence and destination know-how in the interpersonal communication that has long been the company’s trademark.